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The following is just a partial list of previous Landscapes Unique customers...

Wrightsville Beach
Bill and Mary Jo Cameron
414 Waynick Blvd.
Joe and Sandy Brewer*
501 North Lumina Ave.
Larry and Suzanne Clifton*
2601 North Lumina Ave.
Jeff and Pam Kentner
2203 North Lumina Ave.
Gene and Sylvia Miller
1713 North Lumina Ave.
John Ferebee*
917 South Lumina Ave.

Harbor Island

Frank and Carol Stout
3 Point Place
Durwood and Gloria Almkuist
28 Shore Dr.
John and Martha Young
24 Shore Dr.
Annie Grey Thorpe
14 Shore Dr.
Jim Wallace*
12 Shore Dr.

Bryan and Pat Perry
1201 Airlie Rd.
Middy and Ann Schaeffer
6605 Spring Garden Ln.
Nick and Lee Garrett
6310 Greenville Sd Rd.
James and Marie Cooke
6432 Westport Dr.
Stan and Sara Hamm*
6313 Towles Rd.
Chris and Mary McKeithan
6600 Towles Rd.
Clay and Helen Brumbaugh
6804 Towles Rd.
Gary and Paula Jackson
6454 Shinnwood Rd.
Al and Susan Butler*
7413 Masonboro Sd. Rd.
Russell LaBelle
7901 Masonboro Sd Rd

Figure Eight Island

Bill and Karen McElwee
9 Clam Digger Ln.
Tim and Rosemary Smith
302 Beach Rd. North
Stephen and Brooke Cornwell
283 Beach Rd. North

Commercial Properties

Nick Garrett Development
6131 Oleander Dr.
Toyota of Wilmington
Market St & Eastwood Rd.
Jeff Gordon Chevrolet
228 South College Rd.
Porter’s Neck Center
Market St. at Porter’s Neck
1502 N. 23rd Street

John and Peg Yelverton
1019 Ocean Ridge Dr.
Dave and Ruth Ann Phillips
1035 Ocean Ridge Dr.
Neill and Linda Currie*
1022 Ocean Ridge Dr.
Bill and Lyndia Wright*
1063 Ocean Ridge Dr.
Ned and Carol Olds*
1047 Ocean Ridge Dr.
Rick and Sally Kroger*
1016 Ocean Ridge Dr.
Rich and Sandi Wasch*
1064 Ocean Ridge Dr.
Bill and Care Heeks
1004 Ocean Ridge Dr.
Randy and Marty Allran
403 Marshland Dr.
Eggertt and Agnetta Benzon
2041 Montrose Ln.
Gary and Pauline Purdum
835 Arboretum Dr.
Irvine and Sandy Livon
1208 Arboretum Dr.
Frank and Janet Tellier
2401 Ocean Point Place
Robert and Joanne Rothermel
2317 Ocean Point Dr.
Bill and Parry Field
2348 Ocean Point Drive
Robert and Pam Holding
2324 Ocean Point Dr.
Earl and Michael Marshall*
1409 Landfall Dr.
Jim and Carol Colby
1417 Landfall Dr.
Jim and Loretta Meyers
1441 Quadrant Circle
Elaine Werner
809 Howes Point Place
Barry and Janet Burkholder
2109 Lee Shore Place
Michael and Carol Vanderkieft
2100 Lee Shore Place
Warren and Kathy Jones
2105 Lee Shore Place
Bob and Laura Labant
2025 Balmoral Rd.
Kenneth and Thelma Anderson
1200 Great Oaks Dr.
Steve and Cherry Tyde
1900 Deer Island Ln.
John and Beverly Nesselroade
1819 Verrazzano Dr.
Tom and Teresa Carter
1918 Verrazzano Dr.
Michael and Katherine Hasson
1220 Pembroke Jones Dr.
John and Sara Cralle
1232 Pembroke Jones Dr.
John and Maureen Robison
1140 Turnberry Ln.
John and Brooke Carl
824 Gull Point Rd.
Brian and Peggy Smith
809 Swift Wind Place
Mack and Kay Braxton
2001 Marsh Harbor Place
Rick and Terri Sears
1906 London Ln.
Ron and Judy Matthews
1913 London Ln.
Harris and Mary Whitt
1911 Glenora Place
Charles and Lida Tingley
2036 Spanish Wells Dr.
*These gardens were originally designed by others and later enhanced or refurbished by Landscapes Unique.

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